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This symposium includes three review essays by Professors Doug Berman, Naomi Cahn, and Jack Chin. The review essays are focused on a recent book by Professors Dan Markel, Jennifer M. Collins and Ethan J. Leib entitled 'Privilege or Punish: Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties' (Oxford 2009). You can download the entire book for free at In addition to the three review essays, the collection includes an essay by the book's authors that serves as a reply to this set of critiques. Collectively, we are grateful to the New Criminal Law Review, which is hosting this collection in an upcoming issue. The essays are titled, respectively: Berman: Digging Deeper into, and Thinking Better about, the Interplay of Families and Criminal Justice Cahn: Protect and Preserve? Chin: Mandatory, Contingent, and Discretionary Policy Arguments Collins, Leib & Markel: (When) Should Family Status Matter in the Criminal Justice System?

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