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This book - first published in 1992 and now in its fifth edition - is intended to offer concise, comprehensive information to the practitioner of the art of government contracting. Looking up a key term, the reader can find a definition, followed by a summary of where the term is used in the statutes or regulations dealing with the procurement process. The book also includes references to literature where the term is more fully discussed. The book is not designed as a standalone encyclopedia: it is a first reference, pointing the user to additional sources as needed. The book makes it clear that government contracting is complex, and the rules cannot be gleaned from a single source such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation. They can only be learned from constant reading of reference materials and textbooks—not to mention decisions of the courts, boards of contract appeals, and the Government Accountability Office. Navigating the waters of government procurement is an arduous task, and this book is intended as an aid in that journey. The authors fully understand that it is impossible to make the book fully comprehensive. While this edition is (again) expanded, we know additional terms could be added. We welcome readers to let us know of terms that should be included in the next edition.

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