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The article provides a "first look" at the restructuring that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) underwent in 1997, and considers restructuring's impact on the NCAA and student-athletes. It begins with a discussion on the restructuring’s effect on the welfare of student-athletes. The first section provides a brief overview of the NCAA from its origins up to the restructuring. The next section puts the restructuring in its historical and political context and discusses internal debates over minority and gender issues. Finally, section three looks to the future of amateur athletics and student-athlete welfare in a restructured NCAA. The article raises questions as to what the real affect restructuring had on collegiate athletics and argues that history suggests that courts should give less deference to institutional decisionmaking on athletic matters relating student athletes.

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GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2013-129; GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 2013-129

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